First-Year Guide

Download Flinders Psychology Students’ First-Year Survival Guide through here:

*The first-year survival guide is normally updated for every new year


  • What is FPSA?
    • Where to find and contact FPSA
    • Welfare social drop-in sessions
  • Important links for starting at Flinders
  • The difference between your FAN, ID, and USI numbers
  • Navigating campus (Bedford, Sturt, Tonsley)
  • Your one-stop Flinders webpage (Compass)
  • Important Canvas topics to explore
  • Course rule / Program of study
  • What you can do with 3-years of psychology
  • Ensuring your psychology degree is accredited
  • Study pathways to become a practicing psychologist
  • Practice endorsement psychologists vs general psychologists
  • Psychologists vs counsellors/psychotherapists
  • 4th year (psychology pathways)
  • Honours stream
  • After 4th year (psychology pathways)
  • Getting experience for post-grad psychology (or for your own benefit)
  • Study plan
  • Elective ideas (without pre-requisites)
  • Elective ideas (with pre-requisites)
  • Cross-institutional topic electives
  • Starting your topics
  • Mobile apps to have
  • Studiosity
  • Free Microsoft office Apps
  • Using Outlook Calendar for classes
  • Semester key dates
  • Note-Taking and organising information
  • Learning strategies
  • Referencing throughout your psychology degree
  • Writing assignments
  • Research methods and SPSS resources
  • Flinders university services & contacts
    • Health, wellbeing and disability services
    • Academic, learning and study services
    • Flinders Horizon Award
    • Career Hub
    • Library-based academic services
    • Australian Psychological Society (APS)
    • FPSA contacts
    • FPSA social media & online student communities
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