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Psychology Opportunities Blog 6

Hello again

Welcome to the 6th instalment of the psychology opportunities blog series!

It appears that these blogs are becoming fortnightly due to my own time constraints so that is probably the schedule I will stick to for the imminent future, I hope this will work well for everyone.

Anyways, congratulations to everyone for completion of exams and knocking over the semester, I hope you all have a wonderful break!

With the semester being a wrap, it’s certainly a great time to look for some extracurricular opportunities to undertake. This can often be the hardest part of the process as things are much simpler once routine. So definitely try to take advantage of the extra time on your plate.

Without further ado, here is the listing!

Undergraduate positions (final year recruiting)

Research Assistant – Health Policy Centre – SAHMRI Closes – 11 Jul 2021:

Psychologist – Department for Child Protection – South Australia Closes – 23 Jul 2021:

Support worker – Aspiring Futures SA Closes – 18 Jul 2021:

Undergraduate programs (final year recruiting)

Graduate Officer – Department for Correctional Services (DCS) Closes 11 Jul 202:

Paid positions (all years)

Behaviour Therapist – ABA for Change Closes – 19 Jul 2021:

Luxury Holiday Experience Support Worker – Support Squad Closes 11 Jul 2021:

Social Research Telephone Interviewer – The Social Research Centre Closes 6 Jul 2021:

Support Workers in the Community – Alliance Community Care Closes 8 Jul 2021:

Data Assistant – CMAX Clinical Research Pty Ltd Closes 30 Jul 2021:

Volunteer positions (all years)


Happy hunting!

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