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Wim Hof Method

The Wim Hof Method was developed by a Dutch who unsurprisingly goes by the name Wim Hof. Wim has set a pretty extensive list of mind-blowing records such as hiking Mt. Everest in only shorts, running an entire marathon in the Namibian Desert without drinking any water and swimming a distance of almost 60 metres under thick ice. These are just to name a few, the guy is clearly up to something right, or not even human?

Que the Wim Hof Method, a triple-headed method involving breathing, cold exposure and consideration of mindset. The breathing techniques are based upon Tummo breathing – Wim’s breathing method is basically a simplified version of this. The cold exposure is simply that, you start with some exposure in the shower and work up towards eventual plunges into an ice bath. The mindset work involves achieving a committed mindset, to help you with the practice but also life in general. The Wim Hof Method seeks to cultivate a natural path to an optimal state of being, unlocking the full potential of the human body. So, how does this work you ask? What exactly is this all about? Well here is some more info straight from the website.


The actual psychological and physical mechanisms underpinning these processes are very interesting albeit require a dedicated lecture. But in essence, the practice taps into the most primitive part of the brain – the brain stem which is able to activate and regulate a variety of survival-based functions. Due to our current way of life, many of these functions have become dormant and so we have lost the associated benefits. The practice revives these functions and associated benefits, this is why Wim Hof’s feats seem so otherworldly, to our current way of life, they are! The process is a lot more complex than this of course but that’s the general gist of it. This information has been paraphrased from what I was able to digest from a podcast which Wim Hof did with Joe Rogan.

So now, being the budding psychologists which you all are, you are no doubt questioning the authenticity of this, does it seems too crazy? That’s the best part of this method, it is scientifically endorsed! Additionally, many others who have undergone these practices have also achieved similar feats, it is certainly nothing specific about Wim that has allowed him to do what he has done. Nathan, Paul and the other Flinders psych faculty involved in research methods would no doubt be impressed with some of these studies – check them out here:

The list of benefits is simply too extensive to list here. Personally, I would say that I have simply felt more alive from my practice so far! See here for the extensive list:

So what do you think? I hope I have at least piqued your interest! Wim’s website is a great place to start if I have:

As usual, feel free to hit me up regarding this if you would like more info from my end or would like to discuss anything about this, or anything else really!

Small disclaimer: Do not go and jump in the Flinders lake or lock yourself in the freezer. That was a joke, but please consider that it is always best to start small and work up whilst also considering any individual risks such as underlying medical conditions etc. As with anything, there is a proper procedure to help ensure the process is tendered for as best as possible. Proper research and consideration will ensure this. Relevant information can be found here:

Author: Mark Letheby

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