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Hello! My name is Joel (He/Him), and I am so happy that you have found this space 🙂 I am a third-year psych student who has been privileged to take on the role as the 2023 president of FPSA.   

As the president this year I wish to continue FPSA’s mission of providing psychology students with calm, helpful, loving and cheerful energy so that the university experience can be as pleasant as possible for all students. The heavy onslaught of covid sadly diminished a lot of student interaction as more and more students now opt to study externally. Drawn from personal experience, not having many to relate with or talk to in regard to Uni-life and assignments, evoke feelings of isolation and loneliness in my beginning years of Uni which made studying a lot less motivating and enjoyable. My social expectations of Uni Life definitely were not met and from speaking to other students this let-down I have found to be common. Therefore, I wish to try and be part of the change in reawakening the interactive and social connections between students again so that the Uni experience can be more motivating, joyous, and adventurous. 


Executive Vice President

Hey everyone! My name is Diya and I’m FPSA’s Vice President for 2023. 

I am currently in the 2nd year of Bachelors of Psychological Science. I started volunteering with FPSA last year as the events director where my role was to organise fun and exciting events. 

I am really excited to embark this new journey and I look forward to creating a safe, cheerful, and enjoyable environment for our Psychology students! 


Immediate Past President

Hey there! My name is Mark and I am the ex-president of FPSA.

I am a part time fourth year BPS (Honours) student and third year FPSA committee member. In my first year at FPSA, I was both the First Year Representative and Education and Careers Officer. In my second year I was the President, and I am now in an advisory role as the ex-president.

My goal this year is to help the committee continue the success of the association from previous years, and to advise the current leadership team based upon my experiences 🙂


General Secretary

Hello, fellow psychology enthusiasts! I’m Naz, and I’m thrilled to be a part of FPSA as a general secretary in my final year of study. Before my current journey in psychology, I also studied Medical Science, which gave me valuable insights into the human body and mind. As a third-year Psychological Science Bachelor’s student, my journey has been an incredible learning experience, and I’m excited to contribute my passion and dedication to FPSA.

In my time at Flinders, I’ve come to recognize the importance of a strong and supportive community for psychology students. It can be challenging to navigate the demands of academia and prepare for the transition beyond university. Therefore, I’m committed to making FPSA a welcoming space where all students can find support, engage in meaningful discussions, and forge lasting friendships.

Feel free to reach out to me or the FPSA team to learn more about our upcoming events and opportunities. Let’s make this year memorable and impactful!


Executive Assistant

Hey psychology students! My name is Danielle (she/her) and I’m the Executive Assistant for FPSA. I recently graduated from the Flinders psychology honours degree and have started studying the Master of Counselling (Behavioural Health) this semester at Flinders.

Last year I was the Executive Assistant, and Education and Careers Officer. I worked on the FPSA Recommends guides, put together a recommended electives list, started a petition to increase funding for opening more spots in psychology masters degrees, and created a new website. I also organised an ABN number, created new email addresses ( emails), managed online Flinders Psychology communities, and more… In the year of 2021, I was a General Committee member who contributed with ideas and also maintained the FPSA LinkedIn page, Twitter page, and Discord server.

This year I am hoping to continue helping out with what I started in my previous years as a committee member. Don’t be afraid to say hi if you find me on the FPSA socials or on campus 🙂


Social Media Manager

Hi! My name is Samantha (she/her), and I am FPSA’s Social Media Manager for 2023. I am in my third year of a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours).  

I am excited to officially get into my FPSA role this year, having only joined in late 2022. I aim to ensure that we at FPSA communicate our ideas and activities effectively to optimise our engagement with Psychology students.  

You can find me in your inbox or around campus. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you need 🙂 


Publications Editor-In-Chief

Hi! My name is Alice (she/her) and I am FPSA’s Editor in Chief for 2023. I’m currently in my Honours year of a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours).

You’ll find me in your email inbox, as well as on Facebook, Instagram and Discord under Flinders Psychology Students Association!


Welfare Officer

Hello!! I’m Luke (He/Him) and I am FPSA’s welfare officer! I’m currently in my 2nd Yr of the Bachelor of Arts (BAHA) with a Major in Psychology and a Minor in English.

My role is to support FPSA wellbeing and morale as well as encouraging all students to actively engage with their own wellbeing. This is done through events and communications to the psychology cohort and beyond.

I enjoy listening to music (Folk, Jazz, Klezmer, Salsa, Indie, Gregorian Chants etc.), playing music (on guitar, piano, trumpet, harmonica, kazoo), dance (Ballroom, Latin, Rock n Roll), collage making, reading, writing, nature and listing!


Education and Careers Officer

My name is Noah, the pronouns I use are she/they. I am one of the education and careers officers at FSPA, and am studying a combined undergraduate degree of Psychological Sciences and Criminology. I hope I am able to help all students find more about the pathways they can take. If you see me on campus and would like to chat about it, come say hi!


Education and Careers Officer

My name is Sofia (she/her) and I am a third year Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) student. This is my first year in FPSA and I will be taking on the role of an Education and Careers Officer. 

Within this role, I hope to raise awareness of the different opportunities/pathways that exist within the field of psychology and I’m excited to meet lots of new faces along the way! 


Communications Officer

Hey legends!! I’m Milena (she/her) and I am currently in my third year of a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours). I have recently taken the role of Social Media Assistant for FPSA, and I can’t wait!

I’m super excited to get more involved with FPSA and in my role as the year progresses. My aim is to best support the wonderful Social Media Manager, Sam <3, and engage with as many psychology students as possible.

You can find me on campus or in your inbox, please don’t hesitate to reach out! 


First-Year Representative

Hi everyone. My name is Hayley and I am a First Year Representative. I hold a Bachelor of Behavioural Science (psychology) degree.

My passion for psychology and learning is strong but I can also understand that it can get overwhelming at times. I hope to help creative a comfortable, safe and engaging environment for your first year studying Psychology.

Please feel free to reach out to me regarding any first-year queries at


Sub-Committee Member

‘Hello folks! My name is Laura (they/she) and I am in my third year of my Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) degree. For 2023, I am a general member of FPSA and the CEPSW Student Representative for the Flinders University Pride Network Committee.

I can’t wait to continue to work with all the wonderful FPSA members to support you in 2023 and contribute to all of FPSA’s amazing endeavours we have planned for you this year.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out and make contact with one of the lovely FPSA members or myself.’


Sub-Committee Member

Hi everyone, my name is Rosemary. I am second year student at Flinders studying Bachelor of Psychology (Honours). My role within the committee is General Member. This is my first time joining a club and becoming more involved within the Flinders Community. I hope to contribute in various ways and use this great opportunity to make new friends and meet new people. Please don’t hesitate to reach out.


Sub-Committee Member

Hi! My name is Paris (she/her), and I am a General Committee member for FPSA. I am in my third year of Bachelor of Psychology (Honours).

I am excited to get involved with FPSA and officially start my role, having only joined at the beginning of this year. This year I hope to help the committee in continuing its success, and get to know the awesome people who love psychology as much as I do.


Sub-Committee Member

Hi, my name is Norman, I am a general member of FPSA. As a fourth-year BA (honours) student, I am passionate about supporting fellow students in any way I can. I am fluent in Chinese and Cantonese, while also speak English and Malay. I would be more than happy to assist anyone who feels more comfortable communicating in any of these languages. Whether you need help or simply want to chat, please don’t hesitate to approach me when you see me around campus or at the FPSA office.


Sub-Committee Member

Hey everyone, my name is Lauren and I have just joined FPSA as a general committee member. I am in the third year of my Bachelor’s degree in Psychological Science.

My first year of uni was in the height of COVID, like many of you I have only returned to campus this year; spending most of last year online as well. I’m excited to be emersed in the uni campus community life again. I found my first year of uni very daunting and a big change from high school, I was also very shy and did not always seek out help (there is nothing wrong in asking for help). I’ve joined this committee hoping to help others like me and make people feel like they belong at uni.


Sub-Committee Member

Hi! I’m Kiara (she/her), and I have joined FPSA as a general committee member.

I’m studying a bachelor of Psychological Science and I’m in my third year. I joined FPSA because I wanted to become more involved in uni, and help out my fellow students. I look forward to helping with all the exciting things that FPSA is planning in the next couple of years.


Sub-Committee Member

Hey guys! My name is Niamh (she/her) and I’m a second year Behavioural Psychology + Animal Behaviour student. My goal is to make it into a masters of Clinical Psychology! I’m a new member this year and one of your general reps! I’m really excited to be apart of this committee and the wonderful people in it, and I hope we can support you through your studies!

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