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Psychology Opportunities Blog 5

Hi Everyone

Welcome back to the 5th instalment of the psychology opportunities blog series.

I hope everyone has had a productive Swot Vac week. If not, there is still plenty of time for those who are fortunate enough to have their exams later in the period. I for one still have the bulk of my study to do 🙂

As such, for this weeks blog I thought it might be handy to quickly list some study tips and resources.

The first thing worth mentioning is the evidence-based learning method of distributed practice. This involves multiple learning sessions which are sufficiently spaced apart to test your memory across time. This is essentially blocked study sessions, which have been shown to be more efficient than one longer session, which typically results in cramming. Some other techniques worth mentioning are the Cornell-note taking method and concept mapping. More information on these techniques can be found in our first-year survival guide, which can be found here:

Secondly, I wanted to point out the Exam Strategies for Success blog written by one of our committee members which goes over 6 different strategies for exam revision. It’s really quite helpful, go check it out here.

That concludes the study tips and resources, I hope these are useful. Best of luck to all with their exams!

Now, for the opportunities listing.

Undergraduate positions (final year recruiting)

Developmental Educator – Orana Australia Ltd Closes – 22 Jun 2021:

Counsellor Advocate – The Sexual Assault and Family Violence Centre (SAFV) Closes – 30 Jun 2021:

Domestic & Family Violence Crisis Intervention Counsellors – Woman’s Safety Services SA Closes – 28 Jun 2021:

Disability Service Coordinator (NDIS) – One Culture Support Services Closes – 31 Jul 2021:

Undergraduate programs (final year recruiting)

Provisional Psychologist/Behaviour Support Practitioner – Aruma Closes – 7 Aug 2021:

Graduate Rehabilitation Consultant – Rehab Management – Occupational Rehabilitation Closes – 31 Dec 2021:

Trainee Behaviour Technician at Beanstalk Child Psychology – Beanstalk Child Psychology Closes – 30 Jul 2021:

Data Analyst – PsychMed Closes – 31 Jul 2021:

Paid positions (all years)

Support Workers – In-Home, Accommodation & Behavioural Support (Victor Harbor) – Community Living Australia (CLAUST) Closes – 30 Jun 2021:

Support Workers – High Care Support (Strathalbyn) – Community Living Australia (CLAUST) Closes – 30 Jun 2021:

Support Workers – Accommodation, In-Home Support, and Respite (Murraylands) – Community Living Australia (CLAUST) Closes – 30 Jun 2021:

Community Support Workers – Alwyndor Aged Care Closes – 23 Jun 2021:

Volunteer positions (all years)


As always, best of luck!

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